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PEP Talks is the rebranded newsletter of the Mississippi Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers and Surveyors.  The PEP Talks newsletter is intended to share information about the engineering and surveying profession and the licensed professionals working in the State of Mississippi.  You’ll also find useful information and guidance for those studying in engineering programs in the State and those prepping for licensure exams. 

With the PEP talks newsletter, we hope to encourage others to learn more about the engineering and surveying professions with a new focus on increasing the number of students pursuing a career in Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) or Science Technology Engineering Art and Math (STEAM), but especially Engineering in the State of Mississippi.  To that end, we hope the #PEPTalks newsletter will be made available at schools throughout the State and that for those students who see a copy of the newsletter will also see someone who looks like them or who inspires them to not just consider but to pursue a career in the engineering and / or surveying professions.

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Spring 2020

Newsletters dated prior to 2020 have been archived.  Those interested in seeing newsletters dated prior to 2020 should contact the agency for more information.  Please send request via Email to