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Complaints and Enforcement

Complaints and Enforcement Actions

The Board is authorized by state law to regulate the practice of engineering and surveying in the state of Mississippi. If an unlicensed person practices engineering or surveying, the Board is authorized to pursue legal action against that person. The Board is authorized to take disciplinary action against a licensee for violations of the licensure law or violations of the rules and regulations of the Board, including the Code of Conduct and the Standards of Surveying.

The Board's authority does NOT extend to matters such as contract disputes, disagreements over fees, boundary line disputes, or financial damages incurred as a result of an improper survey. These are civil matters to be addressed by a civil court if necessary. For instance, if a Professional Surveyor exercises due and reasonable care, yet he makes an error, this is a civil matter. However, if a Professional Surveyor is grossly negligent in the performance of his work and there is substantive evidence, this may be a matter for the Board.

We encourage you to attempt to resolve any dispute you may have with a licensee. However, if you decide to proceed with a complaint, please contact the Board office for the official complaint form.

The Complaint Process - Filing a Complaint

Charges may be preferred by anyone who believes that a violation may have occurred. ("Charge" refers to any allegation brought to the Board against a licensee or other person relating to a violation of the Law or the Rules and Regulations.

1. Except as noted in item 3 below, all charges preferred must be made in writing by the person or persons making them and shall be filed with the Board.

2. All charges shall be made on forms prescribed by the Board, which are available from the Board. The information required includes the name and addresses of the complainant and the respondent, a concise statement of the complaint with facts supporting the allegation that a violation has occurred and a statement of the relief sought. The complainant shall sign the form.

3. In instances in which the Board is presented with prima facie evidence of a violation of the Law or the Rules and Regulations, a written statement of charges by the complainant will not be required.

4. No investigative action will be taken regarding submissions that are neither prima facie evidence nor accompanied by the written statement of charges.

5. Following the receipt of such charges or prima facie evidence, the Board will proceed to investigate and unless dismissed as frivolous, unfounded, or filed in bad faith, will proceed in accordance with the provisions of the statute involved, subject to the following limitation. Complaints must be filed within two years of the date of the discovery of the violation but no later than six years from the date of the violation itself.

The Board meets once a quarter, so it may be a couple of months before the Board reviews a filed complaint, unless the complaint involves a potential danger to the public. 

Please contact the Board office to request a complaint form.