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A message from the Board President

Welcome to Mississippi’s Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers and Surveyors! Look around our website and experience for yourself how user friendly it is.  If you have trouble finding what you need, please reach out to Agency staff at Contact us.

While many of us were glad to see 2020 in the rearview mirror, 2021 has shown that our challenges are not over. Are you still working from home? Have you returned to work or embraced some hybrid of the two? Maybe you never left the office at all! No matter your situation, I have good news: the Board and, especially, Agency staff have put new measures in place so that service to our licensees and the public continues to be timely and efficient. From instituting online-only renewals to holding Board meetings via the web (while still maintaining public access), we are always looking for new ways to work better and smarter. 

For example, we are currently crafting procedures for biennial renewal and will inform all licensees ahead of its commencement.  Also, the Board must be responsive to new requirements in state statute and have already accommodated one of the latest: Universal Licensure, which applies to new residents of Mississippi who apply via comity.  You can keep up with all of our changes by visiting this website and by following us on Twitter (@PeplsM) and LinkedIn (Mississippi Board of Licensure for PEPLS).

Now more than ever, competent and ethical professionals are needed to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the public. Thank you to all our licensees for the services you provide. Please encourage others in your profession to hold themselves to a higher standard and take that next step to professional licensure.

I consider the opportunity to serve on this Board an honor and a privilege. If you have an interest in serving, too, please contact the staff or any Board member to find out more. Better yet, attend a meeting to see the Board in action. You can always start by getting involved in the Mississippi Engineering Society or the Mississippi Association of Professional Surveyors.  Any service that promotes the ethical and competent practice of your profession is service to the public-at-large.


Sarah Tracy, P.E.

Board President

Board Members

Sarah Tracy, P.E.

Board President

Sarah Tracy, PE

Madison, Mississippi

Post 1, 1st District, Central,

Appointment expires 07/01/2020

Bill Mitchell, PE/PS

Board Vice President

Bill Mitchell, PE/PS

Gulfport, Mississippi

Post 2, 2nd District, Southern,

Appointment expires 07/01/2021

Patrick Martino, PS

Board Secretary

Patrick Martino, PS

Biloxi, Mississippi

Post 8, 2nd District, Southern,

Appointment expires 07/01/2021

Carey Hardin photo

Carey Hardin, PE

Starkville, Mississippi

Post 3, 3rd District, Northern,

Appointment expires 07/01/2022

Blake Collins 

Blake Collins, PS

Brandon, Mississippi

Post 7, 1st District, Central,

Appointment expires 07/01/2024

Michael Thornton photo

Michael Thornton, PS

Coffeeville, Mississippi

Post 9, 3rd District, Northern,

Appointment expires 07/01/2022

Joe Lauderdale photo

Joseph E. Lauderdale, PE

Jackson, Mississippi

Post 4, 1st District, Central,

Appointment expires 07/01/2018

Dr. Dennis Truax photo

Dr. Dennis D. Truax, PE

Starkville, Mississippi

Post 6, 3rd District, Northern,

Appointment expires 07/01/2017

Steven A. Twedt photo

Steven A. Twedt, PE

Biloxi, Mississippi

Post 5, 2nd District, Southern,

Appointment expires  05/31/2020