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Seals & Signatures


@PEpLSM seal

Regardless of the FORMAT of your seal and signature (embossing, rubber-stamp, or digital), the licensee is responsible for the care, custody and use of his/her seal and signature. The licensee may use whatever format works best in his/her practice.

Mississippi does not prohibit or restrict digital seals and signatures. Mississippi does not have rules to dictate WHERE you sign your name (across, under, or next to your seal), nor is there a rule regarding the placement of the date.

Your seal does not have to bear your full legal name; it may bear the name that you normally use everyday in your practice.

All new licensees are required by law and by rule to submit proof of their Mississippi seal to the Board office. Most new licensees simply seal a copy of their licensure letter and mail, fax or email it in. We do not dictate the vendor from whom you purchase your seal.

The seal, signature and date on a document constitute a certification. Generally a document that is not final should not be sealed. However, in the rare circumstance that a preliminary document needs sealing, the licensee should also add bold, clear language that the document is preliminary, not intended to be final, etc.

Finally, please refer to Rule 14 (see Rules and Regulations) for the approved design of the seal and for more information about the use of your seal.